Prophetic Word Feb 2018


Prophetic word for the Church from Ray Johnson 2018 February 11

My heart is led to Prophesy….

There is Jealousy is at the Door of the House of God…

Jesus was able to walk on the water and the waves did not stop Him and through the storm …

We can walk on the water through the waves and storm only if our eyes are fixed upon Him… Peter could not do the same once he took his eyes off of Jesus..

Jealousy and Envy of man is a Storm in the House of God and has camped it self at the Door to defile the House of God and Altar of The Father …

The Blood of Jesus will Bring Repentance to those who are setting up their own altars for their own ministries in the Father’s House..

Our God is a Jealous God and He says Stop Defiling My House and My Altar with strange fire and offerings that are only unto yourself and your purpose your business…

Stop minimizing The Blood of Jesus for your own purposes which is bringing sickness to My Beloved…

Stop this divination, manipulation, this witchcraft in My House…

Repent and Purify your hearts…

Follow Me and Be About My Father’s Business “AS I Am Is”…

Be Righteousness in the Blood of Jesus..

Do not Be defiled in man’s deception and schemes …

Keep your Eyes on Me not man’s compromises of My Truth…

My Judgement will Separate you from My House “By My Storm” that will shake and remove Jealousy and Envy from My Door , says the Lord…

Ray Johnson and Leslie Johnson Resurrection Life is a Lifestyle of Keeping our Eyes on Jesus..


Merry Christmas from us to you.

Community Gathering in Carberry, Manitoba: Every 2nd & 4th Sunday at 10:10am at "LINKS Coffee Shop" on 3rd & Main.

New time and place for Life Application Thursday nite 7:00pm fellowship and worship. Also on Saturday afternoon from 1:00pm till 3:00pm. Every two weeks.

RLM-Republic of South Africa;

RLM-Fiji; Ray and Leslie will be going to Fiji spring 2019 to Minister with a Jesus team from the nations to minister to the nation of Fiji.

RLM-Kenya; Planting River City Church and orphanage in Kisumu 2017

RLM-Liberia; Reaching out to west Africa. Bishop Sylvester T.S.Manjlo is appointmented as the RLM President for Liberia.

RLM-Rwanda; New church and orphanages

RLM-Malawi; 2016 Resurrection Life Malawi birthed.

RLM-Senegal; 2017 Resurrection Life Senegal birthed.

RLM-Ivory Coast; 2017 Resurrection Life Ivory Coast birthed.

RLM-Sierra Leone; 2017 Resurrection Life Sierra leone birthed.

RLM-Ghana; 2017 Resurrection Life Ghana birthed.

RLM-Guinea; 2017 Resurrection Life Guinea birthed.

RLM-Nigeria; 2018 Resurrection Life Nigeria birthed.

RLM-Tanzania; 2018 Resurrection Life Tanzania birthed.

RLM-Barbados; 2018 Resurrection Life Barbados birthed.

RLM-Mozambique; 2018 Resurrection Life Mozambique birthed.

RLM-Uganda; 2018 Resurrection Life Uganda birthed.

RLM-India; Pastor Sunil and Pastor Joseph are conducting monthly Pastors Conferences. They are also building a Resurrection Life Orphanage. Please pray for them for provision and guidance.

RLM-India; Christian School info

RLM-Pakistan; Welcome Najeeb and Monica, co-ordinators for the orphanage and school.

RLM-Fiji Rugby Team ; .

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