Contact: Ray & Leslie for any of the following:

Conferences, Crusades, and Teachings for the Bride of Christ…

Internationally and Nationally and Locally…

Topics  of interest for your church or ministry or missions outreach:

  GATHERING Topics for ministry and/or teachings:

  • Set the Captives Free…
  •  “Jesus Encounters of the Best Kind”…
  • “Are you walking in His Authority”…
  • ”Declare His Glory”…
  • ”Jesus Crusade is Revival Alive”….
  • ”Do you KNOW your Call”…..
  • ”Intercession is the Father’s Heart Beat”…
  • ”Are you a Warrior in the Spirit”…
  • ”Power of the Blood of Jesus”….
  • ”Forgiveness is Healing”…
  • ”Spiritual Warfare or a sleeping Bride”…..
  • ”Celebration Evangelism”….…
  • ”The Anointing breaks the Yoke”….
  • “The R Factor”…
  • “Leviathan is he your friend?”…
  • “Vessel of Honor or dishonor your choice!”…
  • “The Great Commission, Philippi or Philippians”…
  • ” Place of Rest”
  • “Sound the Alarm wake up Church”
  • many more!!!!



New time and place for Life Application Thursday nite 7:00pm fellowship and worship. Also on Saturday afternoon from 1:00pm till 3:00pm. Every two weeks.

RLM-Fiji; Ray and Leslie will be going to Fiji March/April to Minister with a Jesus team from the nations to minister to the nation of Fiji.

RLM-Kenya; Planting River City Church and orphanage in Kisumu 2017

RLM-Liberia; Reaching out to west Africa. Contact Bishop Philip Momo for more info.

RLM-Rwanda; New church and orphanages

RLM-Malawi; 2016 Resurrection Life Malawi birthed.

RLM-Senegal; 2017 Resurrection Life Senegal birthed.

RLM-Ivory Coast; 2017 Resurrection Life Ivory Coast birthed.

RLM-Sierra Leone; 2017 Resurrection Life Sierra leone birthed.

RLM-Ghana; 2017 Resurrection Life Ghana birthed.

RLM-Guinea; 2017 Resurrection Life Guinea birthed.

RLM-Nigeria; 2018 Resurrection Life Nigeria birthed.

RLM-Tanzania; 2018 Resurrection Life Tanzania birthed.

RLM-Barbados; 2018 Resurrection Life Barbados birthed.

RLM-Mozambique; 2018 Resurrection Life Mozambique birthed.

RLM-Uganda; 2018 Resurrection Life Uganda birthed.

RLM-India; Pastor Sunil and Pastor Joseph are conducting monthly Pastors Conferences. They are also building a Resurrection Life Orphanage. Please pray for them for provision and guidance.

RLM-India; Christian School info

RLM-Pakistan; Welcome Najeeb and Monica, co-ordinators for the orphanage and school.

Thanks for your Financial Help/support coming in By PayPal or, By Cheque or mail (RLM , P.O. Box 1271, Carberry, Manitoba. Canada R0K 0H0) or By Direct Deposit into the RLM account! Quick and easy to send us by Email Interac Transfers. All in All your help is appreciated by our Partners helping and praying for us at RLM.
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