Why the olive tree?


Israel has renamed the olive tree to “Resurrection life”. The reason for this is that are many of the olive trees in Israel, even in the garden of Gethsemane after hundreds of years the olive tree has been dormant till now. The olive tree is shooting a new sprout out of the old stump. This was prophesied a number of times in the bible. So you can see that resurrection life of the olive tree is releasing the anointing oil of Jesus, the anointed one. Jesus is the resurrection life bringing forth the life and oil.

To bring forth the new life and anointing to the bride of Christ at this time so we can be blessed by the Anointed One, “Jesus who is the Resurrection and the Life”.

The call of Resurrection Life Ministries is to bring new life and to have that olive sprout become an olive tree to bring that life to the church and to the nations.

The apostolic calling on our lives for Ray & Leslie is to fan the flame on the fivefold ministry to bring life to anoint the bride of Christ and release the resurrection life and power.

Ray & Leslie have been anointed to call those vessels of honour chosen by God (Acts 9:15) and commission them to come alive and be anointed to serve the local church.

To full fill the Great Commission here in Canada and to the nations.


New time and place for Life Application Thursday nite 7:00pm fellowship and worship. Also on Saturday afternoon from 1:00pm till 3:00pm. Every two weeks.

RLM-Fiji; International Conference coming in March/April of 2018.

RLM-Kenya; Planting River City Church and orphanage in Kisumu 2017

RLM-Liberia; Reaching out to west Africa. Contact Bishop Philip Momo for more info.

RLM-Rwanda; New church and orphanages

RLM-Malawi; A new 2016 beginning for RLM in Malawi

RLM-India; Pastor Sunil would like your prayers for his father Joseph

RLM-India; Christian School info

RLM-Pakistan; Welcome Najeeb and Monica, co-ordinators for the orphanage and school.

Thanks for your Financial Help/support coming in By PayPal or, By Cheque or mail (RLM , P.O. Box 1271, Carberry, Manitoba. Canada R0K 0H0) or By Direct Deposit into the RLM account! Quick and easy to send us by Email Interac Transfers. All in All your help is appreciated by our Partners helping and praying for us at RLM.
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