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Partnering with Enrique and Carol Flores since 2003, in Coasta Rica, reaching out to all Central America.



 Enrique, Carol, Briana, Jerusha and Daniella Flores



We have so much to be grateful for. This past year, besides going by really fast, sure has been filled with many experiences.
As you probably remember we started the year on a sad note; Brayner, a 10-year old boy from our Saturday Network had drowned which really affected everybody badly. Nevertheless we bounced back and that experience made the children even more eager to go and win souls. This year we also, on a more professional basis, started out with a ministries department with the children. We now have choreography, drama, black-light theatre, an evangelism team, a creativity team (they provide all the decorations for our Saturday networks and special activities) etc. It has been great training for the children in different ministerial aspects. The children are starting to take charge, and we are enjoying it. Some times we have a hard time keeping up, but we have let the reins loose. They have been organizing Saturday Networks, been stronger in the home groups (for example Ammi who received permission to have her home group in an orphanage), prepare outreaches such as the last one just a few days ago- an evangelistic outreach in an extremely poor neighborhood with gifts for over 200 children.

Seeing the advances made in this past year and the experiences we have gone through makes us ready to take on new challenges for 2006- like the National Congress for July 2006, and going to other Central American countries (youll read more about that in our next newsletter).

As a family we also went through some changes. First we had the
pleasure of going to North America with the whole family-something
we hadn’t done in years! It was good to see everybody although there were a few people on our list that we missed- so sad!
We said goodbye to Briana! Our 20-year old left to France,
following the call of God. It was the hardest thing ever to do as a family but we released her to God and trust completely in Him that everything will be taken care of. Just in the 6 months that we have been separated we have seen enormous change in her and the hand of God is upon her life- in provision, protection and in the divine opening of doors. Although we miss her terribly we rejoice in the work of the Lord.

There are so many experiences that we cant recap in just one letter, but through our newsletters and e-mails we always try to share with you about our struggles and our triumphs. You are part of us every step of the way! All we can offer you are our prayers and our enormous gratitude for having you with us the Lord gives the increase!

We pray that in 2006 you see the hand of God bringing about His will IN and THROUGH you, for His glory!
We love you all!

Enrique, Carol & family

Rejoice with us for God is good!





Merry Christmas from us to you.

Community Gathering in Carberry, Manitoba: Every 2nd & 4th Sunday at 10:10am at "LINKS Coffee Shop" on 3rd & Main.

New time and place for Life Application Thursday nite 7:00pm fellowship and worship. Also on Saturday afternoon from 1:00pm till 3:00pm. Every two weeks.

RLM-Republic of South Africa;

RLM-Fiji; Ray and Leslie will be going to Fiji spring 2019 to Minister with a Jesus team from the nations to minister to the nation of Fiji.

RLM-Kenya; Planting River City Church and orphanage in Kisumu 2017

RLM-Liberia; Reaching out to west Africa. Bishop Sylvester T.S.Manjlo is appointmented as the RLM President for Liberia.

RLM-Rwanda; New church and orphanages

RLM-Malawi; 2016 Resurrection Life Malawi birthed.

RLM-Senegal; 2017 Resurrection Life Senegal birthed.

RLM-Ivory Coast; 2017 Resurrection Life Ivory Coast birthed.

RLM-Sierra Leone; 2017 Resurrection Life Sierra leone birthed.

RLM-Ghana; 2017 Resurrection Life Ghana birthed.

RLM-Guinea; 2017 Resurrection Life Guinea birthed.

RLM-Nigeria; 2018 Resurrection Life Nigeria birthed.

RLM-Tanzania; 2018 Resurrection Life Tanzania birthed.

RLM-Barbados; 2018 Resurrection Life Barbados birthed.

RLM-Mozambique; 2018 Resurrection Life Mozambique birthed.

RLM-Uganda; 2018 Resurrection Life Uganda birthed.

RLM-India; Pastor Sunil and Pastor Joseph are conducting monthly Pastors Conferences. They are also building a Resurrection Life Orphanage. Please pray for them for provision and guidance.

RLM-India; Christian School info

RLM-Pakistan; Welcome Najeeb and Monica, co-ordinators for the orphanage and school.

RLM-Fiji Rugby Team ; .

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