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Volume 1 Number 1
March 7th, 2001

This is our first mass mailing of our new “RLM News Letter”, if you choose not to receive this mailing, please send us a reply asking us to remove your name from our database. Also please tell us if your can receive “HTML”(with pictures and links) or ·Plain Text· (no pictures, no links). We welcome requests for the following: “Partner’s in Ministry”, feed back form and participation in Prayer Chains (please specify if your prayer request is confidential). Volunteers are needed in the following areas, Prison Ministry, Mission’s Outreach, Youth Evangelism, Benevolence, Hospital Visitation and Street Ministry. We also need Prayer & Financial Support.

As the new Editor of (I have absolutely no experience at this!), The RLM News Letter, I welcome your comments and suggestions. This News Letter will be sent out monthly, we plan to feature: ·Praise Reports·, ·Testimonies· and of course up-coming events. We will also let you know where to find informative ·WEB Sites· and other relevant information. The first site I would like to recommend is; “New Day”is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Trinity Television, which brings you NowTV. They are celebrating their 25th Anniversary, there is also a new location (virtual studio) located in Surry B.C., so give it a click and check it out.

Now I would like to present to you a testimony that I think will warm your heart.


Historical Newsletter below

We at Resurrection Life Ministries would like to take this opportunity to thank you for co-laboring with us over this past year and beyond. According to, 1st Samuel 30:24 ” The share of the man who stayed with the supplies is to be the same as that of him who went down to the battle. All will share alike.” No doubt you have shared in victories and in trials over this past year! Through it all, Jesus has caused us to be more than conquerors. He is alive and well and in the business of advancing His Kingdom. It is our desire as it is yours, to see Him glorified not only in each of our lives but in the lives of those we touch.

The Lord has been gracious to us, as we have continued to minister in the two prisons in Mission, B.C. and to some of the men who live at Sumas Center in Abbotsford. As you may know, Ray & I have been laboring in the prisons for the past 6-7years. The Lord saw fit to add to us some additional volunteers for both institutions, which has really helped to share the load. In late 2000, Cloverdale Christian Fellowship have come alongside to co-labor with us, as well as some individuals who have joined themselves to the church. It has been a blessing to work with God’s people on both” the inside and the outside”. The worship group from Aldergrove Christian Assembly has also joined with us in the ministry to the men on the inside; bringing another dimension to the chapel times we have on Tues. and Wed. evenings.

In the summer of 2000, we had our 3rd annual barbeque/worship fest at Ferndale Institute. At this time we were able to raise funds for children with iodine deficiency, for children of prisoners to have opportunity to go to a Christian camp in summer of 2001 and for a small child to receive assistance in receiving surgery to correct a rare condition called Cloaica. The worship fest/Jesus Day was a great outreach to the men and their families. There were four worship bands that gave of their time and talent. Dusty Shoes Blues Band from New Heights Church in Mission, North Langley Vineyard, Aldergrove Christian Assembly and Surrey CLA joined with us for this outreach ministry. We received a lot of positive feedback from various sources. Some of these were from Corrections Canada, the news media, and from prisoners and their families. Many of these men welcome the opportunity to give back into the community, and especially to children because they were often deprived of childhood opportunities themselves. The 4th annual worship fest/Jesus Day at Ferndale Institute will be the 3rd Sat. in August (August 17th, 2001). You are invited to join with us in prayer, finances and physical presence. Mark this day on your calendar and block it off so that you can join with us as we worship the Son in the sun.

Prior to Christmas this past year, we had a buffet meal in the chapel at Ferndale. This is a lonely time of year for many. There were forty who came that evening to be fed both naturally and spiritually. Many of these had not been to the chapel before; some had not heard the gospel before that time. The Lord’s word will not return to Him void and will accomplish that which it has been sent out to do. In this past year, “God is in the House” church has been growing slowly and the foundation is being laid. It is important to have the solid foundation and unless God builds the house we labor in vain. We have been and are in no rush to hurry growth. It is our desire to see growth more in those the Lord has brought to us thus far than in numbers. Our hearts’ desire is that the Lord would be able to come, find a comfortable and safe place to tabernacle with us where the weight of His glory can rest with us. It must be all about Him and not about us. We sense the urgent need to continually point all focus and attention on ministering to Jesus so that each one can be changed in His Presence, rather than focusing on self and circumstances. Salvation, healing and restoration are some of the fruits that have been blossoming amongst those the Lord has brought into the house.

As you pray for us, for the ministry, for God is in the House would you ask the Lord to show us where the next “house” is to be? As the numbers do increase, we will need a place to accommodate our needs and the finances that He will provide to meet those needs. Many of the ones that have come our way so far are in need of jobs, and healing to enable them to work so that they in turn may give the blessing of the tithe. We are also in need of those who are strong in the Lord and chosen by Him to co-labor in the discipleship and equipping of the saints. He has graciously brought some young Bible school students who are worshippers and added them to us. They are a great blessing and bring much life and enthusiasm to our body.

Once again, we thank you for sharing in advancing the kingdom of God on this earth. The Lord is most gracious to us all.

Blessings and shalom:

Ray and Leslie


Ferndale fundraiser focuses on support

“About 150 Ferndale Institution inmates and community members came together Saturday for the third annual “Relationships Restore Acceptance” barbecue fundraiser at the Mission minimum-security prison.

The event is organized each year by Ray Johnson of Resurrection Life Ministries with a two-fold purpose: to raise money for worthwhile causes, and to help inmates interact and build relationships with people from the community…”


Special Request, Prayer/Worship/Fasting in 2021. Tues/Wens/Thurs.


Cameroon, Conference coming Nov 22nd to Dec 7th 2021. God’s Voice Speaks.

Jesus March coming (dates awaiting approval) three days of crusade meetings at Princess Park in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

Bishop/Apostle Ray Johnson has it in his heart to travel to India in 2021. (Pending on Travel) Tenative conference dates July 26th to Sept 5th 2020. Resurrection Life India, arise. “God Speaks to India”

(Delayed for now due to travel) Second Annual International West Africa Conference in Lagos, Nigeria proposed Oct 2021

RLM To The Nations

RLM Birthing in 2021

2021 Nations TBA

Maldova 2021

Mali 2021

Zambia 2021


RLM Burkina Faso Jul 2021

RLM Bangladesh Jun 2021

RLM Cameroon Mar 2021

RLM Nepal Jan 2021

RLM Myanmar Sept 2019

RLM Togo August 2019

RLM Benin August 2019

RLM Sierra Leone July 2019

RLM Maasai 2019

RLM USA 2019 - Victory Outreach Church

RLM Nigeria 2018 Resurrection Life Nigeria birthed.

RLM Tanzania 2018 Resurrection Life Tanzania birthed.

RLM Barbados 2018 Resurrection Life Barbados birthed.

RLM Mozambique 2018 Resurrection Life Mozambique birthed.

RLM Uganda 2018 Resurrection Life Uganda birthed.

RLM Fiji Rugby Team 2018

RLM South Africa 2018

RLM Senegal 2017 Resurrection Life Senegal birthed.

RLM Ivory Coast 2017 Resurrection Life Ivory Coast birthed.

RLM Sierra Leone 2017 Resurrection Life Sierra leone birthed.

RLM Ghana 2017 Resurrection Life Ghana birthed.

RLM Guinea 2017 Resurrection Life Guinea birthed.

RLM Malawi 2016 Resurrection Life Malawi birthed.

RLM Rwanda 2014 New church and orphanages

RLM Namibia 2014

RLM Zimbabwe 2014

RLM Burundi 2014

RLM DRC/Congo 2014

RLM Pakistan 2010 Welcome Najeeb and Monica, co-ordinators for the orphanage and school.

RLM India 2010 Christian School info

RLM Liberia 2010 Reaching out to west Africa. Pastor Sylvester T.S. Manjlo is appointmented as the RLM Chairman for Liberia. Momo Seley is now elected as RLM President.

RLM India 2008

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Thanks for your Financial Help/support coming in By PayPal or, By Cheque or mail (RLM , P.O. Box 1271, Carberry, Manitoba. Canada R0K 0H0) or By Direct Deposit into the RLM account! Quick and easy to send us by Email Interac Transfers. All in All your help is appreciated by our Partners helping and praying for us at RLM.
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