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Prayer For Leslie Johnson

February 25th, 2024

2024-04-10 – UPDATE – PRAYER – Leslie now has her cast removed and shes starting physio. Please continue to pray for her recovery of her arm. Thank-you. 2024-03-01 – UPDATE – PRAYER – Yesterday the specialist had to take her cast off and re-adjust her arm again and put it back into the correct place. […]

Prayer For Donnie & Karra Burney

February 20th, 2024

2024-02-26 UPDATE – Continued prayer for Donnie & Karra Burney. Healing by the Blood of Jesus. AMEN. Donnie is fighting stage 4 lung cancer & bowel cancer. We are still reaching for the goal of $10,000 to help my dear friend – Donnie Burney, his beautiful wife Karra Burney and their children. We know he […]

Please pray for Susan. She has a tumor next to her heart, surgeons want to operate and low rate of survival, they told Doctors they are going to believe in prayer and healing.

Urgent Prayer For Jason Johnson

February 16th, 2024

2024-04-10 UPDATE – PRAYER – Jason has about 80% restored in his sight in his left eye. He is waiting for a MRI. Please continue to pray. 2024-03-01 UPDATE – PRAYER – Jason finished his medication now. Doctor says his sight comes back before the 1 week it won’t be the medication and it’s healing […]

Prayer Alert for Kerrie Lynne

December 20th, 2023

Update: 2024-02-21 =Kerrie is recovering at home. She is doing physio for her rehab. Praise Jesus for her 100% recovery. Thank-you for your prayers. Up Date and Praise Report Alert ? December 16th Kerrie Lynne is now out of ICU and has started her recovery through physiotherapy but the Hospital Staff are still keeping a […]

Prayer For Rick McMillin

February 10th, 2023

Please pray for Pastor Rick McMillin from Total Freedom. He had a very bad fall. He is back home now from the hospital. He had a punctured lung, cracked ribs & broken collar bone. Please pray for his recovery and healing.

Amazing testimony in Ghana has taken place. On Sunday Jan 30th 2023 while Pastor Sarah Aikins was preaching she had collapsed onto the floor from a stroke. Her right side was paralyzed and she lost her speech. It was on the 3rd day on Wens morning, after 3 days of prayer she now has mobility […]

Prayer For Judith Gamache

January 31st, 2023

Video of the “Celebration Of LIfe” for Judith Gamache is below. Update: 2023-06-27 Prayers for the friends and family for the passing of Judith. The grave yard gathering will be held at McCreary Municipal Cemetery on June 29th at 11:00am. Her resting place is along the driveway and so it’s a short distance walk. Bring […]

Prayer For Doug

September 6th, 2022

Update 2023-02-04 Praise The LORD!! Doug is cancer free. History before his healing: Please Pray for my Brother Doug, he just turned 69 November 25th. Just has been diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer in the neck and lymph nodes of the neck and facial areas . Going into 7-8 weeks of intense radiation and […]

By the grace of God and all your support our Resurrection Life Ministry India has celebrated Mega Grand Christmas on 24-12-2021 Friday evening at RLM Worship Center here in India. Nearly above 600 Congregation, 70 Pastor’s families, Singers, Musical Team and Honorable guests were participated and Joined with us to celebrate the birth of Jesus […]

Prayer Alerts:

PRAYER for Ray Johnson, he will be going for more heart tests.

PRAYER for Leslie Johnson, her cast is now removed and starting physio.

PRAYER for Jason Johnson, he hass 80% restored in his sight and hes waiting for a MRI.

PRAYER for Donnie & Karra Burney, Donnie is fighting stage 4 lung cancer & bowel cancer.

PRAYER for Michael & Susan Maendel, Susan has a tumour next to her heart.

Prayer for Kerrie Lynne, she is out of ICU and has started her recovery.

RLM India Bible School Students Graduation & Greetings 2021

“Celebration Of Life” service for Judith Gamache. June 29th at 11am. For more details click here.

Answered Prayers

Testimony of healing for Pastor Sarah Aikins, Continued prayer please.

Testimony for Ray’s brother Doug. Great news he is healed and he is back to work.


2nd Annual ResurrectionLife Apostolic International Leadership Conference, Carberry, Manitoba. Sep 28th – Oct 10th 2023 during the Feast of Tabernacles

2nd Annual Holy Spirit & Fire Passover Seder Conference, Carberry, Manitoba. April 6th – 9th 2023

Healing Meetings – Weekend Holy Spirit Encounter with Dr. Rapheal & Momi Ajayi April 21st to 23rd 2023

1st Annual Holy Spirit & Fire Pentecost New Wine Conference, Carberry, Manitoba. May 25 – 28th 2023

Immanuel Leadership Course at Holy Spirit Sands August 3rd to 5th 2023

RLM Bangladesh Meetings Every Week and Baptisms. An Estimated 3000 baptized, Praise Jesus. Over 5,000 saved this past year being discipled and we are in great need for funds for 52 more bibles and land to build a ResurrectionLife Church.

RLM Bible School INDIA – 70 more students graduating in Dec 2022 from our ResurrectionLife Bible School in India. Also 100 pastors will be ordained Dec 2022. 20,000 plus souls saved this past two years.

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RLM Birthing in 2024

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RLM USA 2019 - Victory Outreach Church

RLM Nigeria 2018 Resurrection Life Nigeria birthed.

RLM Tanzania 2018 Resurrection Life Tanzania birthed.

RLM Barbados 2018 Resurrection Life Barbados birthed.

RLM Mozambique 2018 Resurrection Life Mozambique birthed.

RLM Uganda 2018 Resurrection Life Uganda birthed.

RLM Fiji Rugby Team 2018

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RLM Senegal 2017 Resurrection Life Senegal birthed.

RLM Ivory Coast 2017 Resurrection Life Ivory Coast birthed.

RLM Sierra Leone 2017 Resurrection Life Sierra leone birthed.

RLM Ghana 2017 Resurrection Life Ghana birthed.

RLM Guinea 2017 Resurrection Life Guinea birthed.

RLM Malawi 2016 Resurrection Life Malawi birthed.

RLM Rwanda 2014 New church and orphanages

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RLM DRC/Congo 2014

RLM Pakistan 2010 Welcome Najeeb and Monica, co-ordinators for the orphanage and school.

RLM India 2010 Christian School info

RLM Liberia 2010 Reaching out to west Africa. Pastor Sylvester T.S. Manjlo is appointmented as the RLM Chairman for Liberia. Momo Seley is now elected as RLM President.

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