The church plant with Pastor Volva have a team headed up by Natasha and assisted by Julie and others.   When Team Canada (photo) met this team last year, they were feeding 60 to 80 dear street people twice a week with soup, tea and bread.   Their cost was $ 50 US per month.  With our assistance, they have been able to feed these people five days a week.  So we praise God that we have the opportunity to help these folks.
This note is to relay to you the sad passing of Anyas mother.
We first met Anya on the streets of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, in September of 2002 where she and her mother were being fed by those dear people of Church Revival of Dnepropetrovsk. We saw her again last October where she was still on the streets but by then being fed five time a week .

Dale Hughes has just phoned back from Ukraine and reports that Anyas mother has passed away and that Anya is now in an orphanage. Unfortunately, Natasha, the street ministry head, does not know where Anya is. They are trying desperately to locate her.

Pray that God will direct them to Anya and that this sweet little girl can be brought out to a loving Christian family.

Attached is a photo of Anya and her mother at one of the feedings. It may help you to pray when you look into her eyes.

One project that we will work on is the youth outreach building and playground in Perishipino
Photos show Pastor Volva -Tallest and seminary student Samir in the rubble that they have been cleaning out.  We hope to finish off the building and dedicate it to God’s business.

Last picture is a cell group, they thrive on these groups as in most situations they do not have a church building.


New time and place for Life Application Thursday nite 7:00pm fellowship and worship. Also on Saturday afternoon from 1:00pm till 3:00pm. Every two weeks.

RLM-Fiji; International Conference coming in March/April of 2018.

RLM-Kenya; Planting River City Church and orphanage in Kisumu 2017

RLM-Liberia; Reaching out to west Africa. Contact Bishop Philip Momo for more info.

RLM-Rwanda; New church and orphanages

RLM-Malawi; A new 2016 beginning for RLM in Malawi

RLM-India; Pastor Sunil would like your prayers for his father Joseph

RLM-India; Christian School info

RLM-Pakistan; Welcome Najeeb and Monica, co-ordinators for the orphanage and school.

Thanks for your Financial Help/support coming in By PayPal or, By Cheque or mail (RLM , P.O. Box 1271, Carberry, Manitoba. Canada R0K 0H0) or By Direct Deposit into the RLM account! Quick and easy to send us by Email Interac Transfers. All in All your help is appreciated by our Partners helping and praying for us at RLM.
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